Creative Cocktails

Creative Cocktails
Try one of our killer cocktails. We make all our own sours and syrups and use the freshest ingredients possible.
The Scarlett O'Rita | $8
Every menu has to have a margarita on it. And 99% of the time they're disappointing. Welcome to the 1%.
Southern Gentleman | $8
Sweet tea vodka, fresh lemon and house made tea. It's like an Arnold Palmer... A really fun Arnold Palmer.
Rosemary's Lemonade | $9
Fresh lemon juice pressed with rosemary and cucumber and a generous pour of Stolichnaya vodka. Super refreshing!
Sage & Straws | $9
Reyka Vodka, fresh strawberries, lemon and sage pressed and served in a chartreuse rinsed coupe. Sounds complicated, but that’s not your problem. Order one.
Fountain of Youth | $8
Rum keeps you young, right? We think so. A delicious blend of rum, pineapple, local honey and peach bitters.
Mama Said No | $9
St. Augustine Vodka, fresh muddled ‘cantaloupe’, lemon and orange and turbinado syrup. Get it? Get it. Good.

Frozen Fun

Frozen Fun
If you're on vacation, order from this section. Want to feel like you're on vacation? Order from this section.
Classic Frozen Daiquiri | $8
The classic lime treat. Fresh lime juice, house made syrup and rum, blended with ice. Tart and delicious! Fancy a flavor? Ask your server what seasonal fruits are available!
Pina Colada Especial | $9
We use good rum (Flor d’Cana), pineapple juice and coconut creme. The secret? We add a little vanilla ice cream. Hands down the best Pina Colada you’re going to get.
Lemon Crush | $9
A double pour of Three Olives Vodka, fresh lemon juice and a bit of simple. Blended with ice. Great for a hot day!


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